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As disciples of Jesus Christ, and in the spirit of Saint Francis, Our Lady of Angels Catholic family welcomes and embraces one another and those who come to us. Through worship, ministry and loving service we provide for one another’s spiritual and communal well being. In being so nourished, we, in turn, reach out to serve the larger community.

Priority Needs

Deepen spiritual lives through worship, education (adult spiritual formation, CCD, etc.), prayer experience and joining internal small faith communities (existing parish groups).

Instill Christian values by developing expectations for behavior in the community for adults and parents and by modeling that behavior in our activities (participation in groups, sports and school).

Support parishioners in need in a caring and compassionate way by helping the elderly, families (especially at times when there is a loss of family members, divorce or loss of job), teenagers and the ill. This support needs to continue to assure that recovering individuals continue to receive support and are not “lost through the cracks”.

Have active parishioners evangelize less active parishioners by having parents promote their children’s religious education through and after confirmation and by reconnecting parishioners who are only marginally active in the Church .

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where these is hatred, let me sow love.
― St.Francis of Assisi