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Faithful Fools

Let's hit the streets!

We are making 2018 the year for "hitting the streets" with Carmen Barsody and her Faithful Fools because they make the Tenderloin a better place.

Who are the Faithful Fools?

They are a live/work organization in the Tenderloin district, San Francisco. Offering programs in Arts, Advocacy, Healing and Accompaniment, the Faithful Fools offer a calm and healing place in a vibrant and sometimes chaotic neighborhood.

Their programs and services are designed to meet people where they are through the Arts, Education, Advocacy, and Accompaniment. Click here to learn more about their programs.

Why Faithful Fools?

Quentin and Linda Olwell, OLA parishioners who passed away due to separate illnesses in 2014 introduced us to this amazing organization - a spiritual safe-house. Quentin struck up a friendship with Carmon Barsody, OSF, one of the founders of the organization (donning a hat and black clown nose above) in the early years when she and Reverend Kay Jorgensen, a now retired Unitarian-Universalist Minister were setting up their Center. Most important, he and Linda found their calling on the streets of the Tenderloin and formed lifelong bonds by "walking the walk" with neighborhood residents. Quentin shared many of his "street" stories with OLA parishioners and turned us on to a world where humanity truly intersects with divinity.

How can I join the Fools?

Their Street Retreats, held on the second Sunday of each month provide an opportunity for adults to step off of the "freeway of life" to reconnect with Holy Spirit. Stay tuned for upcoming quarterly OLA Street Retreat information.

Contact OLA's Laura Elmore for more information on Street Retreats, Bible Study and Movie Nights. We hope you'll join us!

We begin the day in a circle with song and reflective readings. We introduce ourselves, share what has brought each one to the retreat, our hopes and expectations, and an orientation to the rhythm of the day. Then we set out onto the streets.
Adults generally walk by themselves and youth are shadowed by an adult who has previously made a retr
eat. There is nothing that anyone must or should do except trust that they will be led to that which is theirs to encounter in the day. In the late afternoon we come back together to share our experiences and close by sharing a soup and bread meal
--Volunteer describing a Street Retreat Experience