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Amig@s de los Capuchinos

OLA Friends of the Capuchins in Northern Mexico

The Amig@s de los Capuchinos accompany the Capuchin Franciscans in living the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in their mission of serving the Church and the most needy in Northern Mexico. As Amig@s, our three-prong effort is to walk in fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Northern Mexico while increasing our understanding of the Spirituality of the Franciscans, Culture of the Northern Mexico people and the Financial needs of the Mission.

Join us! OLA Amig@s meet the 1st Friday at 8:45 am in the OLA Friary - right behind church on Cortez Avenue. All are welcome, no reservations needed. Contact Kathy Holmes or Barbara Trainor for more information.

Dear Friends,
Peace and joy of Christ! May God bless you always with His peace and love in abundance!

- Father David, OFM, Cap.