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Altar Servers

Altar Servers

Being an altar server requires both a willingness to serve our parish and a sense of dedication. A primary goal of being an altar server is to help you grow in your faith and understanding of service to the Our Lady of Angels community. It also calls for an understanding of personal responsibility as others are depending upon your assistance at our Liturgical Celebrations. We hope the experience will help you grow closer to God as you come to know how important your help is to others.

At present, we invite parish young people who are baptized Catholics that have celebrated First Eucharist in grades 5 through high school, to be part of the Altar Server Ministry. Servers will be trained for Sunday and Holy Day Masses and may also serve at weddings and funerals. There will be periodic meetings or additional training sessions during the year.

Altar Serving Schedule will be posted once we return to public Masses.

Many blessings,

Mrs. Donna Cervelli
Mr. Anthony Cervelli

If you are interested in joining this ministry, kindly contact Mrs. Cervelli at 650-343-3790 or at

Altar Server Application