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Name Badge Ministry

Our community welcomes parishioners by name. Remember your name badge as you head to Mass on Sundays. When you wear your badge, you're waving a personal "welcome" banner and encouraging and engaging others to connect with you.

Need a badge? We have Name Badge Stations at the two main front and side entrances adjacent to the rectory. Take it with you or keep it in one of our Name Badge Kiosks.

Where's my badge? Each family has a designated hanger on the Family Kiosk or you may simply hang your badge on a spot marked "OPEN."

How can I help? We invite you to join our ministry. We believe every person – young or young at heart –deserves to know they are valued. Greeting each other by name enriches our welcoming environment and allows us to create meaningful connections.

If you have more questions or would like to help us on Name Badge Sunday, please contact Laura Elmore at or (650) 259.0732.