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Youth Ministry

OLA Youth & Young Adult Ministry gives young people an opportunity to be involved in the life of the OLA Parish community. Our ministry seeks to provide a safe, positive and healthy environment where our number one goal is to build family.

In this program we:

  • Develop respect for differences and overcome prejudice
  • Participate in church and apply our faith to our daily lives
  • Develop a positive self image and a personal relationship with Jesus
  • Serve those in need and foster social change
  • Develop a personal spirituality and prayer life with confidence

Members: All OLA Youth parishioners from grades 6th -12th are encouraged to participate in our weekly meetings and fellowship. All OLA Young Adults from the ages 18-35 are welcome to participate in our bi-monthly meetings and fellowship. Please scroll down for more information.

Our Ministries

Youth Group

Middle School Ministry - 6th - 8th graders || High School Ministry - 9th - 12th graders

All are invited to our youth group meetings on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month at 3pm in the youth center. Here we come together to search for our place in this world and see how our gifts play a role in our everyday lives. Drop in and join the fun and excitement as we explore how our gifts play a role in our everyday lives. Learn more about yourself and your world. Email us here for more questions.

Youth Choir

Join the Youth Choir!

Need Service Hours? Want to be an Inspiration? Join the Youth Choir. No music background necessary.

Email the Youth Choir for more information by clicking here.

S.A.L.T. - Service And Leadership Team

S.A.L.T - Service And Leadership Team

S.A.L.T. is our Youth Leadership team that serves in all aspects in the parish and community including Mass service, fundraiser help, service projects, retreat organization and leadership, and School of Religion program support. Interested? Call us!. Email here us for more questions.

Retreat Teams

Retreat Teams

Our Retreat Teams serve junior and High School retreats. All of our retreats are peer led. We train our leaders in Facilitation, Icebreakers/Socials, Witness Talks, Prayer/Prayer Services, and Servant Leadership. Connect with our Assistant Coordinator of Retreats for more information. Email us here for more questions.

S.W.A.T.- Spirituality, Worship, Adoration Team


Spirituality, Worship, Adoration Team

Our S.W.A.T. is our spiritual tactical team. We organize Youth Masses, Praise and Worship nights and any spiritual gatherings. Share your spiritual and join our team! Contact our Assistant Coordinator of Youth Ministry & Confirmation. Email us here for more questions.

Youth Liturgical Ministry Training

For more information about becoming a youth minister, please contact the Youth Ministry Program by clicking here.


Our confirmation program is a two-year program. Candidates prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation by “understanding the initiation process as a faith journey of the whole physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual self.” Our program offers service activities, faith sharing, and spiritual opportunities for families and sponsors to become one in Christ. Click here for more information

Community Youth Retreats