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From the SF Archdiocese website:

Stewards give their time to Christ, the fullest possible revelation of God. But they also give their time to their brothers and sisters in Christ. That is, they participate in parish societies or they initiative
activities in the parish that help either help people improve their circumstances or help the parish in praising God and using efficiently the talents God has given to parish members.

Both time in prayer and time given to build up the parish stem from gratitude for God’s abundant gifts to the steward. As in the Gospel account of the steward (Matthew 25:14-30), the gifts are to be used so as to generate a return. This means both supporting the activities of the parish by being involved in them and also contributing directly to them by committing a small percentage of one’s monthly salary or income to the Church. This is a decision made by the steward, not by the parish. It is the grateful steward who decides in prayer what to give back to God by building up both the local parish and, more generally, the Catholic Church.