Special Events

June 9 at 10:00 am
Renewal Mass + Cafe OLA

Inviting all parishioners and school families to join us in celebrating the
Birthday of the Church and all of our Ministry, Club and
Renewal Leaders who lovingly serve it!



We are the church and as such, we are stewards of our community here at OLA. On Pentecost Sunday, we celebrate our Holy Spirit call to offer up our gifts in the form of time, talents, and treasures. As we embark on the new Year of Prayer (Fall launch), please consider your call. Adults and students are all invited to contribute. You're never too young... or to wise. Please double click on our Stewardship Gift Card and check out the descriptions of opportunities in our Stewardship Directory. (links below) You only need one Card per family. Sign up for one family ministry (i.e. Sunday Grade Mass or Internal/External Outreach events like our month Drives) or encourage each family member to sign up for one item for the year such as volunteering as an adult host or a student volunteer in our Sunday Grade Mass Program, Choir, or Teen Ambassador Group. Or, come up with your own gift to share. All gifts are welcome! Bring your completed Stewardship Gift Card with you on Pentecost Sunday or drop it in our Stewardship Bin located in the Hall of Saints during the month of June and we will place a tile with your name and ministry on our Stewardship Wall in the courtyard. We will place one tile for each offered gift. There are no limits to what you can do.... but, what if everyone offered up ONE gift. Many thanks for your consideration.




Special Christmas Lunch for victims of the North Bay Fires

In December, 2017, children from St. Eugene’s were the guests of honor at a special Christmas lunch at Our Lady of Angels church in Burlingame. Many of these children's families lost their homes in the recent North Bay fires. Please click here for the CBS News story.