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Jesus feeds us on the way . . . KEEP SUNDAY HOLY

Gospel Chat

We'll teach the next Sunday Gospel through multimedia resources on our web site during the Shelter In Place.

Sunday Gospel Journal

Students draw their Gospel reflections.

Sunday Grade Family Mass

Each grade sponsors a Sunday mass.

St. Francis leads us on the way . . . GET TO KNOW ST. FRANCIS

Meet Our
St. Francis

Learn through pictures and stories..

Art Angel Families

Learn by Art and Activities.

St. Francis Feast Week

Celebrate St. Francis ideals - October 1st - 5th.

Along the Way

Parents Follow

Jesus & St. Francis provide Parent Survival Tools.

Sports Club Follows

We are on Jesus & St. Francis' team!


Year of Fraternity 2020

The Power of Kindness
Year of Minority 2021

Coming Soon. . .

The Power of Discipleship