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Student Learning Expectations

Our Lady of Angels students will demonstrate Angel PRIDE.

Prayerful People

  • Who attend Mass
  • Who incorporate faith into their daily lives
  • Who know the types and purpose of prayer
  • Who are empathetic

  • Respectful and Responsible Citizens

  • Who respect, God, others, and themselves
  • Who value the importance of rules and accept responsibility for their own actions
  • Who respect and accept all cultures
  • Who have the tools to make healthy life choices
  • Who practice good sportsmanship
  • Who follow the 4 R’s: reduce, recycle, renew, and respect God’s creation
  • Who use technology responsibly

  • Innovative Learners

  • Who recognize their own unique gifts, talents, and areas of growth
  • Who are organized, use effective study strategies, and apply 21st century skills
  • Who have a strong foundation in academic subjects and the use of technology
  • Who are real world problem solvers and creative thinkers
  • Who work successfully by themselves and collaboratively

  • Dedicated Catholics

  • Who know basic Catholic teachings
  • Who actively participate in mass
  • Who live out their faith by serving others as Jesus did
  • Who are Evangelists

  • Effective Communicators

  • Who listen respectfully to the ideas, feelings, and opinions of others
  • Who speak confidently and clearly to advocate for themselves
  • Who express written thoughts clearly
  • Who use 21st century skills to communicate their ideas