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Meet Our St. Francis

Prayer of St. Francis

St. Francis Ecology Song - Canticle of the Sun

About St. Francis

St. Francis lived 800 years ago in the 1200s in Assisi, Italy.

He abandoned a life of luxury to rebuild Christ’s church. Francis’ own conversion came through several experiences, including one where he heard Christ speaking to him from the cross in San Damiano church in Italy. Christ told him to “Rebuild my church”. So Francis set about initially rebuilding Christ’s church physically stone by stone, to eventually rebuilding it by a life of service to the poor. Caring for Christ’s people - particularly the poor in spirit and body - became his life mission, eventually founding the Franciscan Order. St. Francis is an ideal role model for lead us along the Capuchin Franciscan Way. St. Francis invites us to a simple, joyful path by becoming God’s Prayer, His Fraternity and His Minority, humbling ourselves to all we encounter in hopes that we too can bring others to Christ.

Video links

St. Francis of Assisi Full Move - Watch on You Tube:

"The Reluctant Saint”

St. Francis Books for Children

St. Francis of Assisi by Fr. Lovasik

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The Whisper in the Ruins by Lisa M. Hendey - part of #3 in Chime Travelers Series

St. Francis Books for Adults

Francis: The Journey and the Dream by Murray Bodo

St. Francis of Assisi, A Biography by Omer Englebert
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