Lesson Plans

Pre-K & Kindergarten Sunday School

In a nurturing, sweet environment, the volunteer teacher (along with any parents interested in joining) talks about God’s loving ways, shares some prayers and relays the Sunday gospel theme, appropriate for their understanding. Coloring of our Sunday Children’s Bulletin from J.S. Paluch follows the discussion. This special children’s time also provides parents quiet time in church to listen and reflect on Sunday’s scripture and homily.

1st - 6th Grade Sunday School

To share the joy of the Sunday gospel, we use engaging approaches including: videos, color illustrations, plays, art projects, games, books, maps, posters, etc. For lesson planning we use many creative internet sources such as: catholicmoms.com, catholicicing.com, sermonsforkids.com, faithfirst.com, usccb.org, and pflaumweeklies.com.

Our goal is to have the children participate in reading, discussing and internalizing weekly scripture and Catholic Doctrine in order to inspire them to carry the message forward into their daily lives.

Teaching Space

Located behind the sacristy and altar, we teach in two large rooms. At the beginning of mass following the Greeting, the Presider welcomes the children to the altar base. Then teachers lead all children down the center aisle, through the Hall of Saints to a large carpeted room for the Pre-K & K children, and the “wedding preparation” room for the older children. Following our lessons, we lead children back into the church to sit before the front pews during the consecration. After holding hands and praying the "Our Father”, children rejoin their parents in the pews.

Volunteer Opportunities and Service Hours

We are always looking for new Pre-K - 6th grade Sunday teachers and helpers! Your teaching opportunity is typically one Sunday 10:00am mass per month. Little advance prep is needed for Pre-K & K. 1 - 6th grade teachers, with as much guidance as desired, will create a lesson plan and help set up and clean up the Children’s Liturgy room. The teaching rewards are heavenly...and teachers also receive school service hours.

Pre-K & K: 1 hour per Sunday School

1st - 6th Grade: 2 hours per Sunday School


If you are interested in becoming a teacher or an aid, or have any questions, please contact either Kathy Holmes regarding 1st - 6th Grade or Maria McKenna for Pre-K & K.

As Jesus teaches….”Let the children come to me” Matthew 19:14